Friday, October 5, 2012

Less Really Is More

It was in the nineties when my husband and I caught the “keeping up with the Jones' syndrome.” We got married in 1985, shortly before I turned twenty. About a year later we bought a new, three bedroom house. We had very little stuff and it almost felt empty after moving in.

Three and a half years later, we had our first child. Our house was plenty big enough, but with all our new purchases and baby paraphernalia, the closets were  beginning to overflow. We thought the answer was a bigger house. Driving through neighborhoods to look at big houses became our focus. We were excited at the thought of having a four bedroom house with a full basement. As our dream grew bigger in our minds the reality of our budget revealed to us that we couldn’t really afford a big mortgage. Did we really need a bigger house? Or could it be that we just needed to have less stuff?

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