Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Letter of Encouragement

The Lord woke me up early and began nudging me to share some words with a friend. I know He wants for me to share this with my blog readers as well.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I want to share a powerful testimony.

Shortly after my husband, Michael, received an incredible opportunity and new job last fall, we found out that the company was getting bought out and the office in Atlanta was going to be closing. This is the very scenario we had been in before when a company had laid him off after a merge with a larger corporation. The first time this happened we ended up in poverty. We literally made less than the poverty level income for a number of years. Needless to say, it would have been easy for us to get fearful after hearing about the buy out of the company Michael works for.

But we refused to entertain fearful thoughts.

Instead we began to pray for specific things and we TRULY believed Jesus would do it for us. We asked God to make a way for Michael to work in Atlanta. We asked him for a raise. We asked him for better benefits, etc. The most important part of our prayers is the fact that God put the desires in our heart and we believed Jesus would do the things we were asking for.

Before I share the outcome of our prayers, I want you to know that I've been praying whether to share this with you.

And I believe with all my heart Jesus wants for me to share every bit of it. It may not be the way that some of you like being encouraged, but Jesus loves you enough to make you uncomfortable if that's what it takes for you to break completely free of fear and into your God-given right.

So here is the testimony: God answered our prayers beyond anything I could have ever imagined or have dreamed.

There are many details that I don't have time to write. But I'll share it in a nutshell. Michael was offered a job to work in Atlanta even though the office is closing. They are keeping 2 employees in Atlanta.The package they offered is like comparing diamonds with scrap metal. It's really all just very over the top. He'll get a company car ( a brand new car). He can pick the car out as long as it's not a sports car. They told him it had to be suitable for clients and not cost over a specific amount. They will pay for all his gas, car insurance and for the upkeep of the car. Also, we can use it for personal use as much as we want (other than out of state). His office will be at home now which will save us hundreds of dollars per month in gas expenses. He will get an extra week of vacation and two more bonuses during the next year. They will give any employee a very large amount of money to go toward adoption costs, which is AMAZING because we are going to adopt an orphan from Africa as soon as God gives us the go ahead. The insurance is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Plus, to top it off, he got a raise. We will be out of debt by 2012.

God did IT! He did far beyond anything I could have asked or hoped for (Ephesians 3:20). He gave me that scripture as one of the defining verses of my life about 15 years ago.
I have lived it. I have believed it. The verse truly defines my life. God outdoes Himself over and over again and it just keeps getting better.

Jesus never ceases to amaze me in His ability to do beyond my wildest dreams.

I am sharing all of this out of obedience to Christ because He wants you to know that He does not show favoritism (Acts 10:34). He will do far beyond anything you could ever imagine. All He wants is a person fully surrendered, who loves Him with all their heart, and who believes He WILL pour out His blessings.

I am going to live big and bold forever. I will not hide what Jesus has done for me. Because I know He will do immeasurably more than you can imagine for your life and I know Jesus wants me to boldly share the details of what He's done for us. The key is: He did it, not us. Trusting in ourselves more than God is what caused the poverty in our past.

I have more compassion than any person could ever comprehend for anyone going through job losses, poverty and lack. I weep and intercede for my friends who are hurting and struggling. I will spend the rest of my life helping people to break free of poverty. And I will not walk in doubt ever again.

Also, Jesus wants for you to know that living in abundance is not a temporary season. This is the FOREVER life He wants for us and for every Christian until He returns.

I love you, brothers and sisters, and I pray that Jesus will use my words to speak faith into your soul. We're here on Earth to lift up and encourage each other until Jesus comes back.

The blessings are already yours...All you have to do is go after them as God leads you.

May Jesus use the words written in this letter to speak love and life to you.

With love and compassion,

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