Monday, April 18, 2011

Heavenly Treasures

I have a deep compassion for people experiencing difficult trials. Yet I know that it's been the difficulties in my life that have pushed me onto my knees. So along with my compassion, I feel incredible excitement for the heavenly treasures that I know are awaiting those who rest in Christ through trying times. My desire is to see every believer walk in the fullness of Christ, letting His treasures be the reward of their souls.

My Beloved Jesus,

I lift up the Body of Christ to You today. We are Your beloved Church and I know You want us to flourish and thrive in Your plans for our lives. Encourage the discouraged ones. Lift up the hearts of those struggling with finances and illnesses. Heal the hearts of those mourning the loss of loved ones. Jesus, raise up the Church to be strong, mighty, and bold. We are Your chosen ones and we want to be used by You to bring hope to the world. Make us a pure and holy people. Rid our hearts of all unholy thoughts and actions. Jesus, I ask You today to purify the heart of every believer. Purify Your Church. Bind our hearts as one. Make us walk in perfect unity. Help us to encourage one another the way You intended for us to. Jesus, let the Church be filled with love and joy. Revive the hearts of the contrite ones and prepare the hearts of lost souls to hear Your call to them. Jesus, raise up every believer to be the men and women of God they are called to be. Let us go out into the world to pray for and encourage the brokenhearted. Jesus, may every believer keep their eyes focused on You and You alone. And may You fill the lives of those seeking Your kingdom with an abundance of heavenly treasures. I love You. Amen.

Whispers from God:

My beloved Church, rise up and be the people I have called you to be. Don't look at Your circumstances. Now is the time to stand on My word and My truth. I have called you to be a strong people, to stand in My strength. I will deliver you out of your bondage if You trust Me fully. Let go of doubt and trust Me to deliver you.

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