Monday, March 28, 2011

Living in the Light

Verse of the Day:  

John 8:12 (NLT)
Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, "I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life."

My Beloved Jesus,

Thank You for surrounding me with Your magnificent light. Thank You for Your constant love and protection. I ask You to draw the people of this country to Your heart and let them see that without You there is no hope. Let Your light shine brightly in America. Let us be a country of integrity. Let our leaders proclaim Your name with power and authority. Refine the hearts of every believer and let us go out and shine Your light on the world. I love you, Jesus. Amen.

Whispers from God:

You are the light of the world. As you abide in Me, the darkness will flee.

A Thought to Ponder:
The light of Christ dispels all darkness. ~ Amy

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