Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New Song

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I fall down at the feet of the Father, bowing down in a position of submission. As I lay my head on the floor with my cheek nestled on my hand, I cry out for the strength of my Daddy. I pray, “Father, the obstacles on the path laid out for me feel too big.” His warm embrace envelops my heart. His love washes over me. His Spirit soothes my soul. The sweetness of His Presence encircles every ounce of my being. His words flood into my spirit.
“Child, nothing is too big for Me. I’ll never ask you to do more than I created you for. Rest in Me. Rest in My love, rest in knowing there is nothing I’ll ask of you that will ever be too big. My Grace is sufficient for you. In your weakness, My strength is made perfect. Arise my child. Let me put a new song in your heart. Let My love lift you up and carry you.”

His strength lifts my spirit. His words permeate my being. My soul is restored. Joy replaces the tears. Love floods into my heart. Peace covers me, making me ready to begin a new day with a new song in my heart—a song of joy for celebrating the love I have found in my Father’s arms.


Julie said...

Beautiful, dear Amy... just beautiful!

Becky Harmon said...

Thanks for sharing your heart, I love what you wrote! There is nothing like a Father's affirmation!