Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spiritual Awakening

The first time I worshiped at Passion City Church (Atlanta, Georgia) in 2009, it was surreal to me. I thought it was because one of my favorite musicians was leading worship. But as time went by, the Lord began to speak to my spirit about what was really happening. Sitting in a sea of college aged kids, I was fixated on one word: REVIVAL. I could see the beginnings of a true spiritual awakening.

Several years later, on June 25, 2011, I had a dream in my sleep about Passion City Church. The message of my dream confirmed to me that what I had been sensing was truly from God.

I began to envision a true movement of God similar to the stories in the book of Acts. I envisioned people getting healed of diseases, the blind getting their vision back, and most importantly I envisioned people weeping in repentance.

It’s been eighteen months since I had the dream in my sleep and over three years since I first visited Passion City Church. With expectation for a great awakening, I have continued to pray for a major Jesus movement to begin there.

Tonight, the Passion 2013 conference began at the Georgia Dome. As my daughter was leaving today to attend the conference, I felt strongly in my spirit that at this event there will be multitudes of people healed, delivered, and touched by Jesus.

As I was watching the live web stream from home, I just sat in awe. I believe this week that Jesus is going to rock the Dome. People will be set free. And I believe this move of God will ignite a movement that will lead to a great awakening in the Church.

Please pray for all those attending and for the people around the world watching. 

So that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow... ~ Philippians 2:10

Click here to watch the conference live at various times throughout the week.

Live Abundantly!

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